Charity Cheats

About 8 years ago, I took the ‘Elizabeth Finn’ charity to the Small Claims Court.
Their chairman turned up as their defendant.
He was a recently retired Colonel on a Fat Army Pension who had slipped easily from the army into this Plumb job, along ‘The Old Boys Network’.
IN addition to his Fat Army Pension, he was taking 120,000 pounds per year in salary from the charity.
His second in command was taking a salary of 80,000 pounds and his third in command a salary of 60,000 pounds.
Clearly,being on the Board of a Charity is hardly an act of ALTRUISM ! After The ‘Trustees’ have taken their whopping remunerations, there can be little left for the ‘needy’ people that the charity was set up to help !

I stated my case – but lost.The Colonel simply claimed ‘IMMUNITY’
The District Judge said that although he was in full sympathy with my ‘arguments’, Charities have a Special Status that renders them IMMUNE from most ordinary forms of prosecution!

So, they can be Muslim charities raising money for terrorist organisations or even charities run by ‘Organised Crime’.


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