Crooked Judges

If doctors and surgeons have to publish their ability records – then why not Judges ?

One county court judge in Gloucester – ‘SINGLETON’ – hates people who fall behind on their mortgage payments and has a terrible record for taking peoples’ houses off them and kicking them out on to the streets.
Should his ‘Record’ not be open to Public scrutiny ?
Judge ‘Jeffries’ Singleton has no mercy : he’s probably one of the 70% plus of all judges who were Privately educated and look down on the rest of us as just ‘existing’ so that they (who were ‘Born to Rule’) as Judges, can sadistically rule over us.

25 years ago I heard that the drug of choice amongst youg Barristers was Cocaine. Those Barristers will now be Judges.
Like Sportspeople, Shouldn’t Judges be subject to Random Drug checks ? Is it Right, that a judge who may well be taking illegal drugs, is Himself passing sentence on others convicted of drugs offences ?

‘Prohibition’ didn’t work in the USA in the 1920/30’s.
Isn’t there a lesson there ? People will always do what they want to – despite any ephemeral so-called ‘Laws’.Cigarette and cigar smoking and alcohol are far more damaging to the human body than Cannabis is – and the upper classes who can buy their ‘Justice’ just use drugs as a way of life.

It’s been said many times, but if you outlaw something then the law of ‘Supply and Demand’ (Basic Economics) says that the product’s price will automatically shoot up. De-classify all drugs and the whole criminal side of the industry – murder, extortion, Drug-Barons AND PRICE – will simply fall away overnight.
It seems that many of our politicians (Cameron) Judiciary and aristocracy (the queen’s sister was an LSD aficionado) are on drugs anyway : many leaders have been…the Caesers smoked opium; Hitler was an Heroin addict and Georing was on Morphine, Clinton (and maybe Bush) smoked Cannabis

Is it that our ‘Leaders’ – who can afford the luxury of expensive recreational drugs – just don’t want them to be available to the rest of us ? “Who will Guard the Guardians?”.

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