Greedy, Over-paid Doctors

Even Doctors themselves were Flabergasted whe the Labour Government gave tham an obscenely massive pay-rise that had not even been asked for.Also Labour told them that they would not have to personally provide an emergency out-of-hours Service anymore.

The present new generation in particular – products of the Thatcher Greed ethos – obviously put money, money, money before their Duty to their patients. What ever happened to “The Vocation”

All student Doctors and Dentists should sign a commitment contract on starting their course : to only work exclusively for the N.H.S. for the first 10 years before being allowed to take on Private patients.

Also any qualified doctor or dentist who gives up their career (Like Jonathon Miller, Harry Hill and Michael Mosely) should be made to pay back the full cost of their training – because, with clinical training, students of those two Professions cost the country £100,000s to train.
Payback should also apply to them leaving the country to practice abroad within those first 10 years.
Of course, the BMA is the strongest trades Union in the country and never shies away from holding Governments ‘To Ransom’ from time to time with the threat of strikes.

P.S.1/10/2015 Watching that “poor” overworked female Dr. on BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ I would suggest to her that she chose the wrong job – because she certainly does NOT have the Vocation.

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