Solution to all the middle east problems and the present INVASION of Europe

The present refugee situation is NOT an EU one but it is an U.N. one : these people come from OUTSIDE Europe.
Surely, – ‘Shengen’ only applies to the movement of Indiginous European citizens within the ‘Shengen’ area.How can it apply to people from outside that area ? How many Terrorists are slipping through amongst the ‘Hordes’ ?
The Rules are clear : you claim Asylum in the first SAFE country you land in.Of course Italy and Greece are being overwhelmed.But IT IS A U.N. Problem – and all Banki-Wanki can say is to critize Hungary, which is the only Country that is enforcing the Asylum Rule properly.
Solution :
The UN sends in a huge multi-national (INCLUDING ISLAMIC TROOPS) task force into Libya to smash the gangs AND ISIS (who are trying to get a foothold there) and then to set up a Provisional Government – with Democratic elections to be held as soon as is reasonably possible.

Libya is Huge; Potentially very wealthy and sparsely populated. So, build a huge new modern city in Libya to take all the Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese,Palestinian;Gazans; etc. – who all speak Arabic – so that they all become Libyan citizens.
Solves the present crisis and all the problems in the middle east. I’m sure that it would settle the protracted Israeli/Palestinian Problem.

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