Refugees – e-mail to my M.P.

Dear Neil,
Thank you for your early, thoughtful and well-reasoned reply.
There is no need for you to make any further reply – and indeed, you would be wise not to, because of the things I’m going to say :
1 or 2 little boys dying makes no difference : an adult life is worth just the same as an infant’s; some may see him as a little boy, whereas others may see it as the death of a future Islamic Terrorist (the enemy within that we have so many of).
And it is not worthy of a strong leader to vacillate and run his Government in knee-jerk fashion (as Tony Blair did) reacting to every tv news bulletin or online petition. Good Leaders hold firm. Can you imagine Margaret changing her mind overnight ?
I still maintain that this whole thing is a U.N. problem – and the U.N. is abrogating it’s Responsibility. What do they exist for ?

Either Ted Heath was naive or he kept the full truth from us : either way, I voted to join a select group of 10 trading nations that was put to us : that it would be a counter-balance/ bridge between the U.S.A. and the Warsaw Pact nations and give all its members greater trading ‘clout’.
I did not vote for an ever-expanding new version of Napoleon’s ‘Continental System’ – But that’s just what it has become : a political, intrusive Union that has aggressively tweaked the nose of Russia by ‘picking off’, one by one, the old Warsaw Pact nations. We only get the Chairmanship about every 14 years !
Russia has good reason to be concerned.
I’ve been to Russia and I know them to be, in the main, kind and very generous people – particularly the old ones who wherever we went, treated us as ‘old friends’ from ww2 : they couldn’t do enough for us – lovely people ! After that I was never worried during all the Cold War because I knew the true nature of the average Russian.
Of course the Crimea is Russian – and has been since the 17th century ‘- and clearly a certain portion of eastern Ukraine has so many Russian people in it that it must be part of Russia. The Ukraine was part of Russia for longer than Scotland has been with us ! Indeed, one of the great summits of ww2 was held at Yalta – how can the Crimea Not be Russian !?

As an historian or at least 52 years, I’m old enough to remember when a British Passport meant something – just as did ‘Roman Citizenship’. But just as that became de-valued as the Huns; Goths; Ostrogoths etc. flooded into Italy, so is British citizenship now de-valued.
Don’t think that I am an isolated crank – I talk to many people in Our Constituency, and we older ones all feel the same way, but most ‘Dare not speak its Name’ because of endemic, over-weening Political Correctness that intrudes into every part of modern-day life – and seems to govern every utterance of our Prime Minister.
Sometimes I see myself looking down on the map of Europe – as if in an out-of-the-body experience – and I feel that, with this present INVASION of Europe, I am witnessing the Recapitulation of the Fall of the Roman Empire, and all I can do is to vote “No” to continued European membership as soon as possible – before the rest of the world empties into these small islands – an outcrop of the north-west Limit of the old Roman Empire.

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