Reyhaneh Jabbari execution

On the face of it, the hanging of this 26 year old Iranian woman seems appalling and no one is more anti capital punishment than I – it demeans a country’s reputation. Also I love the Yanks – for all their faults – they have been our best friends in the last one hundred years.Thank god for the American War of Independance. But it little behoves America to castigate Iran over this sad business, with America’s shocking record on judicial execution. Neither does it behove this country to make protest, when I personally have been beaten up inside a british police station in order to try and extract a confession out of me.Britain’s record for deaths in police custody is truly shocking : some 1500 in the last 12 years and not a single police officer convicted.Our police are above the Law and do what they like in the sure knowledge that they will always be supported by an internal self-investigation by a compliant Inspector who knows that he, in turn can rely on a supporting Whitewash by a Corrupt and internationally discredited (since Ian Tomlinson’s murder) IPCC that employs over 30% of ex-police.

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