Royal Impotence

At the royal family’s latest stunt to bathe in the reflected glory of others, I was struck by how much William looks like his ancestor, Albert Victor – the king we fortunately never got : it’s all the ‘in-Breeding’. Andrew looks like his fat ancestor “Butcher Cumberland” – of “Culloden” infamy.
But I was also minded to think how impotent and useless our royal family is : 1914, 3 cousins, and they couldn’t even sort out their squabbles between them – but had to drag the rest of the world into the most awful industrial conflagration the world had ever seen.It destroyed Britain and europe, in general.(one artillery shell fired during WW1 cost £20 – at 1914 prices!)
Both of my grandfathers were in the front line.Where were the members of the royal family ? Well to look at their chests, so stiff with un-earned medals that they walk as if in suits of armour, you’d think that each of them had personally waded through all that shit and mud.
My grandfather’s medals were stolen by the Gloucestershire police on 24/25th October 2008 when they,totally without reason, and under the command of Lisa-Marie Rowlands PC1716 – Lying Bitch – ransacked my council flat – WITHOUT a search-warrant.

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