Anne Secoolas

On serious charges, it is automatic for the police to demand that

anybody surrender their Passport.

And how far does Diplomatic Immunity extend to, apart from the American intelligence agent spy, himself – his wife, children, and uncle Tom Cobley an’ all ?

The Blessed Theresa, who had a disasterous premiership, never failed to remind us, that she was the Home Secretary for 6 years. Well, she was useless at that also: she alienated our best friends, by refusing to extradite a young man who had hacked into the Pentagon. The BLOODY Pentagon – how much more serious can that be. Reason – she accepted some weak medical advice submitted by the man that he had one of those new fashionable conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder – which in my schooldays was cured by a clip round the back of your head, by the Teacher.

But he was capable of hacking into the Pentagon, though, wasn’t he – pretty smart guy, I should say.

Is it surprising therefore that the Americans won’t help us in this Secoolas case (I’m not bothered if I’ve not spelt her odd name properly) ?

I’ve said the answer before : let’s swop that parasite prinny Andrew, for Secoolas and get back on good terms with our best friends.