Marie Colvin

I thought at the time she was killed, that she was the author of her own death : being elderly, I can’t come to terms with women war reporters anyway, but hadn’t she learned her lesson by already losing an eye ?
So,the Syrian army targeted her by intercepting her transmission frequency – it was a war zone !

During the first weeks of heavy fighting in Normandy, following ‘D’ day – Bletchley Park intercepted a message which enabled the RAF to take out the Divisional command headquarters of a very dangerous SS Panzer tank division – decapitating the command and control of the whole division along with it’s senior officers.


P.S. during the ‘Battle of Britain’, Dowding ordered his pilots to shoot down White Junkers 52 air ambulances over the Channel, with prominent Red Crosses on them AND he ordered his pilots to machine-gun German pilots parachuting down over the channel.
War is War.

The Colour of Royalty

As an aging Caucasian man, my Black female lovers were always good in bed and some had that ‘Musckie’ odour that perfumeries try to reproduce as an aphrodisiac.

Just as Diana ‘showed up’ Charles to be a useless prick, Meghan (I bet I know who ‘wears the trousers’ in that relationship) is showing Harry up to be a useless prick as well. It’s not surprising that Meghan {who seems to have her wits about her} cannot ‘gel’ with Williams’s exhibitionist, small-minded wife.

For all my life (well since about 10 years of age) I have wanted to rid this country of it’s Parasitic Monarchy. The danger to me, is that Meghan may inject some rationality into that decaying, atrophying 21st century anomaly.