So-called feminism

It’s 100 years since the Pankhursts gained their quite correct goals – but it has now gone too far, with men unable to see their children because the courts have swung too far to the Right and deny men the Rights that women were denied before the first world war.

Women are introduced on TV as a ‘Feminist’ as though it was a Qualification on their CV.

I have said before that women ‘organise’ together much better than men do.

I ask all men to speak as I do : I do not use the word ‘feminist’. I use the word ‘FEMINAZI’ – and advise men all over the world to adopt my description of these women who are destroying “The Family” (which has lead to Homo Sapiens becoming the dominant species on the planet).

I have always taken the view that men and women can never be equal, but are COMPLIMENTARY.

Women have gone TOO Far and our Court judges do not have the guts to stand up to Feminazism. We men cannot rely on the Courts to give us justice in Family matters.

The time is overdue for Men to fight back and put the relationship between men and women back into Balance

Calling these Harridans “FEMINAZIS” is a good start, before we men are forced to take violent (like the suffragettes) action to restore the balance of Life on this Planet.