Death of the Coward Lord Peter Carrington

‘Lord’Carrington was the Coward of Nijmegan bridge:

50+ U.S. Paras of 82nd Airborne Division lost their lives taking it. Carrington’s was the first tank of XXX Corps to cross it.
The U.S. Paras begged him to carry on to Arnhem. But he said the light was failing. They offered to go in front and take out any anti-tank guns, but he was too cowardly to go any further. Arnhem bridge was only 18 Kms further.

If he had continued on, then XXX Corps could have relieved Lt. Col. Johnny Frost’s 2 Para who had been clinging on to the northern end of Arnhem bridge for 6 days.
Because Carrington was too cowardly to continue on, that evening, Frost’s 2 para ran out of ammunition and had to surrender to General Willi Bittrich.

10,000 men of 1st British Airbourne Parachuted into Arnhem : only 2,000 came out, using an off-the-cuff escape plan devised by Airey Neeve (later M.P. and close friend of Magaret Thatcher – until he was blown up by the I.R.A.)
Neeve was the true hero of the Arnhem debacle.

Carrington not only betrayed 2 para and the dead of the two American airborne Divisions, he also betrayed all the dead of British 1st Airborne Division and the 1st Polish Airborne Brigade, plus all the men who were captured.

But for Carrington’s Cowardice, the war Really would have been over before Christmas 1944 and much of eastern Europe could have been saved from 45 years of communism.

Both being aristocrats, Churchill covered up Carrington’s Cowardice by giving him the M.C. for being the first tank onto Nijmegan Bridge !