Good old prince Philip

Alas, alas – how will we all survive now that we learn that the old Parasite is set to retire from public life.

Born on a kitchen table on the island of Corfu, without a penny to his name – but with a very ‘pushy’ uncle – he pulled off the greatest coup since prince Albert, by marrying the then, richest woman in the world (made rich by not paying her Taxes).
Since then he’s had to endure a lifetime of the Highest luxury without ever having to put his hand in his pocket to pay for anything – and all at OUR expense,

(incidentally, I’m writing this to get away from the BBC’s obsequious, fawning coverage of him on both the T.V. and the radio).

Who can forget his Diplomatic skills when, on a State visit to China, he referred to the Chinese People as “slitty-eyed”. Stavros, (as he is known in aristocratic circles) has had the most arduous life, living off his wife (well, US Really) attending endless paid-for lunches and grand dinners and spawning two generations of equally idle, Parasitic Scroungers.

But I must confess, that I dread his death (if it is before me), because I will then have to avoid all british T.V. and Radio news channels for – oh, probably, several weeks – if not Months !
And when she goes, my God, I think I will have to take an extended holiday for 18 months, at least, to avoid all the media brown-nosed, obsequious, royal arse-licking that the BBC excels in.
(alternatively, I might be ‘bumped off’ before then, by MI5 for my anti-royalist writings).

Genealogy Research

I wonder if this pastime is popular in Germany ?

None of prince Philip’s 3 sisters were allowed to attend his wedding because they were all married to senior (SS) Nazis, and the queen didn’t want them
goose-stepping up the Aisle at Westminster Abbey.

The Barnett Formula

I say again that the Barnett formula should be scrapped anyway. But, let’s use the ‘Carrot and the Stick’:

if Scotland is going to return practically all SNP M.P.s to Westminster, then the Barnett Formula should DEFINETLY be scrapped.

Let the Scots know ‘which side their bread is buttered’.