Brexit – schmexit !

In 1939, Britain was the 2nd richest country in the world, behind America.(1n 1945 the USA was twice as rich as it had been in 1939)

For a whole year, from May 1940 to June 1941 we stood alone in protecting Civilisation against the Nazis.

Since 1945 Germany (and Japan) have saved on Defence spending – being under the USA’s nuclear umbrella and Germany doesn’t even pay her dues to Nato. No wonder Germany is awash with Money.

Germany owes us! We bankrupted ourselves in two wars against Germany when we were the only Guardians of Civilisation on this planet.

Don’t talk to me of us paying to leave the E.U. – Germany owes us BIGTIME! South Korea owes us; Afghanistan owes us; Kuwait owes us; Iraq owes us and The Falklands islands (having just made a big oil discovery off their islands) owe us too.

Bugger Brexit exit costs and E.U. demands – they’d all be talking German and goose-stepping up the Champs Elysees (and across Red Square) if it wasn’t for us in these little islands here.

P.S. In fact, the WHOLE of bloody Europe owes us – if not the Whole World !

British Legal System “Best in the World” (or so we are all brain-washed to believe)

I may Have blogged about this before : if so, then it emphasises the strength of feeling that I have on the subject.

Court Clerks in England have a great deal of Power : they can choose to defer certain cases until a particularly severe Judge is due to sit at a particular City.

Since Medical doctors now have to have statistics based on their surgical performances made public, then why should the judiciary not be compelled to have their sentencing records placed in the Public Domain also ?

In Gloucester, there is a particular District court judge, DJ Singleton, who has no Sympathy with people who fall behind in their mortgage payments, and has them evicted from their homes and their children turned out onto the streets as soon as he can. We all know what can happen to children sleeping ‘Rough’ on the streets.

It is a Classic example of judges decisions giving rise to concomitant offences, that kick people down into a swirling vortex of crime, for the rest of their lives.

British judges ought to spend at least a month in a British prison (under a false mane) to experience the damage that they do daily, to people whom they sentence to incarceration.


Whilst it is fashionable for elderly HRT-Fuelled women to have toy-boys, I would have psychiatric concerns about a country’s President having an Oedipus complex – unable to wean off grandmother’s breast.

He might do better to seem to keep her at arms-length, whilst making clandestine visits to her on the back of a moped with his identity shielded by a crash-helmet.

Oh, those French. Plus ca change.

Just one aspect of Corruption in British Prisons ?

if an inmate wishes to purchase anything, using their private money, whilst in prison they can only do it from Argos or Amazon through the Prison.

This means that when you receive YOUR Purchase, you don’t get any guarantee on the product you have paid for – because the purchase was done in either the prison’s name or the Prison Officers’ Association name.

Now, across the country, that is an Huge account with Argos and Amazon in either the Government’s name or the P.O.A.’s name.

Now, no-one is going to convince me that such a huge account with Argos and Amazon doesn’t come without huge bonuses for the nominal account holder.

My question is this : what perks do the Govt. and/or the P.O.A. receive from Argos and Amazon in return for their huge account purchases made with Inmates Monies ?

Scottish Independance

Let’s be clear about one thing : Scotland came into Union with England in 1707 because Scotland was BANKRUPT !

The Scots had lost ALL their money in the ‘Darien’ scheme on the isthmus of Panama where they had hoped to found an overseas colony.

Scotland was on it’s knees and we bailed them out. So, while banging on about independence, is Scotland prepared to repay the cost of England Bailing them out in 1707 Plus all the accrued interest ?

Secondly, Every Scottish person receives more financial help than each English person, under The Barnett Rule. Joel Barnet has been dead for several years, and I for one, am sick of subsidising the whinging Scottish Nationalists. It’s time the Barnet rule was scrapped.

Lastly, it’s obvious that with the present price of oil, if the Scots had won their Independence referendum, then they would now be begging us to take them back into the Union.

Scottish Nationalists live in a self-delusionary world.

May seeks Election in June

Just goes to show that you can’t believe a word that politicians say. I can hardly agree with the decision, because I agreed with all the reasons she was giving a few weeks ago NOT to have one.
It’s unnecessary and a huge waste of money in these Austerity times : these politicians can always find some money from ‘down the back of the sofa’ when they want to.

I think the reason is personal Vanity – akin to the royal family’s obsession with the letters ‘HRH’. Theresa May wants to win an election in her own Right: that’s why Churchill hung on long after he was capable of doing The Job of running the country, – and, of course she will remember that Gordon Brown probably made a huge mistake when he dithered and then ‘blinked first’ about calling a General election in late 2007.

I agree with what she was saying a few weeks ago: an expensive and unnecessary distraction from the Brexit negotiations.

Having had a couple of hours to think about this more, the P.M. may see this as a good time to finish off UKIP while the deeply tarnished PN is in charge, and before UKIP have the chance to replace him with Suzanne Evans, who is the leader that UKIP Should have chosen.

Farage didn’t want to be eclipsed by Suzanne, that’s why he suspended her.

The BBC – rotten to the core

I had been a supporter of the BBC all my life, until I’ve gradually come to re-think my stance :

The BBC was always reliable for truth: in the 1960’s we had ‘The Wars of the Roses in black and white and then in 1970, in colour, we had the 2 wonderful productions of the ‘Six Wives of Henry the 8th’ followed by a brilliant performance by Glenda Jackson in ‘Elizabeth R’
All good factual stuff.
I was appalled by Michael Hirst’s ‘The Tudors’ in 2008 : how could an Oxford Don prostitute our History and the once reliable BBC even broadcast it : Henry’s elder sister Margaret marrying and killing the king of Portugal before re-marrying Charles Brandon !

Kids watching that will think it is true – afterall, the BBC always broadcasts truthful British History – didn’t it ?

It was Henry’s younger sister Mary Rose, whose second husband was Charles Brandon. Margaret married James 4th of Scotland and is the direct ancestor of our present Parasites in ‘Buck Hice’.According to The Chronicles of Hirst – our present thieving , tax-dodging monarch was never born !

What rubbish will school kids write in their history exams having watched that Fiction, believing it to be true ?

When I complained to the BBC they said “Oh – well it was only Entertainment, it was never meant to be Factual.

My god ! just who can you trust these days ?

Then I was pissed off to learn that that Wanker Jonafon Waas was getting £15 million per year from our Licence fees.


When the next generation is being told to expect to have to change jobs once or twice during their working lives, why should BBC employees or permanent free-lancers have a JOB FOR LIFE at OUR expence ? I say give BBC personnel a 15 year contract and then they have to leave – never to work for the Corporation again, to make way for other equally capable persons.

As it stands, there are two main ways into the BBC :

1) Private education/Oxbridge and
2) Nepotism e.g. Justin Webb and Fern Britton – can anybody explain to me just what Talent that woman has, except that she is the daughter of Tony Britton ?

Do the female reporters and news-readers get a bigger clothing allowance than the men ?

Why do we need two people sitting on a couch in a tweedle-Dee – tweedle Dum cross-fire of news-bites, when just one Newsreader used to be adequate.

It seems that whenever I switch on Radio 4 or BBC T.V. it is either the talentless David Mitchell or his slut of a wife Victoria – daughter of Allen Corin
(nepotism again, you see) – hosting another stupid, low-budget game show. I’m beginning to think that that couple OWN the bloody BBC.

And what about that Mark Thompson who paid himself a telephone number salary, due to lack of supervision by the BBC Trust, Chaired by Chris Patton, and then Thompson skipped off to America with his pockets Bulging with OUR money.

I’ve sadly but definitely fallen out of Love with my old BBC – the roll-model of my childhood.

P.S. Hirst’s “Vikings” – how can a Father put his daughter (Maude) on-screen full-frontal, stark naked – furry ‘carpet’ ‘n all ? What kind of a Father is this perverted Oxford Don ?

Having said that, old Helen Mirren was not backward in getting all her ‘Kit’ off (e.g. “Savage Messiah”) – so maybe it will be Dame Maude ?

The ‘Wicked’ British population

Per 100,000 of population, Britain jails it’s own people more than all countries in the rest of the world – except America and Russia. WORSE THAN EVEN CHINA

Is that something to be proud of ? How come we are more ‘criminal’ than the rest of Europe ?

I believe that there are 2 reasons for the british obsession with Prison:
1. It goes back to the Draconian Georgian legal period when you could be hung for stealing property worth more than about a shilling (can’t be exact without ‘googleing’ it). In class-ridden Britain,
Property has always been more important than human life – because it was the Landed Gentry who had all the Land and property and a father could be hung for poaching on the ‘Lord’s’ land in desperation for trying to feed his family.

2. Europe suffered under the Nazi Jackboot and in doing so, Europe learned the value of Human Life and indeed, of Humanity itself. Isolated Britain, like the Nazis, has always ‘Honoured’ Death, but never learned to understand the Value of Life.

Consequently, Britain jails people as a First resort, whereas Europe jails people as a LAST resort.

(I’m a Brexiteer, but I do worry that we will move closer to America and their Ridiculous sentences of 120 years and other such nonsense of their ‘justice’ system).

The british ‘Establishment’ scratch their heads to try and understand why so many people that they send to prison re-offend ?
They approach the problem from the wrong end : recruiting prison officers from the armed forces doesn’t help, because then you’re expecting thugs who have spent 15 or 25 yrs in the armed forces learning how to kill people, to suddenly become humane individuals interested in re-habilitating people.

At the moment, we are running at, at least 85,000 people in our ‘Victorian’ prisons – probably much more.
Incidentally, our oldest and worst prison, Dartmoor, cannot be shut down because it belongs to prince Charles – as part of the duchy of Cornwall. He gets £4 million per year for Dartmoor (from the Justice Department) and Charlie needs this money for his ‘loose change’.

Blind David Blunkett’s blind justice Bill of 2003 only worsened the prison population and stripped away the Defendant’s Rights that Margaret Thatcher had introduced in the early 1980’s.
So, British governments look up their Arses for the solution to the ever-rising prison population :
They don’t realise that it is Fear of the ‘Unknown’ that is the Deterrent in any situation. If you send a person to prison for a first offence, then they get to know prison, they understand how to get through it, and it is not a Deterrent any more.

So the ‘Hangers and Floggers’ of the British establishment look up their Arses and see the only Solution to the ever-growing prison population to be MORE thugs recruited from retiring ex-armed forces trained-killers. And they wonder why so many prisoners return to prison.

Prison only works if it is Fear of the Unknown.Once you’ve sent somebody to prison, – then it is no longer a Deterrent. Simple eh ?