I’m a Parliamentry Brexiteer

I like ‘The Great Repeal Bill’. I like the sound of it.

To me, it harkens back to the “Great Remonstrance Bill” that Pym, Cromwell and the other Puritans forced on Charles 1st – which led to the outbreak of the civil war in 1642 and trial and rightful execution of that arrogant and traitorous Tyrant.

It also echoes the return of sovereignty to our Parliament – which is what we fought those useless and traitorous Stuarts for.

It could also allude to the 2 Great Reform Acts of the 19th century.

Brexiteer -YES, musketeer – NO.

Alexander Blackman

WE all know that killing of prisoners has always gone on – just remember Henry Vth, Katyn wood or Malmedy. And let’s be honest, that if you join the armed forces then either you are agreeing to the very real possibility that you may have to kill another human being or else you are one of those human beings who enjoys killing other people and you can do it with impunity in the armed forces.
And for all those women and children who convince themselves that your husband or father or brother would never do such a thing, remember that even the SS soldiers – Waffen and Algemeinen (who staffed the concentration camps) were kissed goodbye, in ignorance, every morning by THEIR relatives, who had no idea of what atrocities their men were committing everyday.

Sergeant Blackman is a victim of the electronic age, because everything he did was recorded. Maybe that was unfortunate for him, but in my opinion the correct verdict based on the evidence WAS Murder. But the British, believing, as always, that Britains can never do any harm and it is only other countries that can commit atrocities, have once again rallied behind SGT. Blackmore’s wife to whip up an high profile campaign, and the weak judges of the supreme court fearful, as always, of public reaction rather than the correct implementation of the law, have weaselly reduced an obvious murder conviction to Manslaughter.

But consider the obvious ramifications of the supreme court’s spineless climb-down.
: what happens next time when we have poked our nose into another country’s affairs and one of OUR wounded soldiers is lying injured on the floor expecting the protection of the Rules of War from his captors ?

This disgraceful revised judgement begs the question – “what is the point of having body cameras if British judges have just ruled that ‘Black’ is really ‘White'” and we must all therefore call black, white when we know from the evidence of our eyes and ears that it is Black.
It’s like when Henry 8th made the whole country swear an oath that his wife was not his wife and that he, Henry was head of the new church.

Obviously our supreme court judges are aping Henry the Monster in a modern version of Tyranny. When a police officer next beats someone to death or Tazers them to death, will their body cameras also prove that the poor officer was suffering from stress or Pre-Menstrual Tension at the time, so it wasn’t really Murder ?

Of women

55% of uni graduates are now women. How things have changed since women were allowed to go to Oxford, but were not awarded a degree.

In my lifetime I’ve witnessed the destruction of the Human Family Unit by the woman who financed the invention of the contraceptive pill and Germaine Greer (surely Australia’s revenge on England for Transportation).

Boys/men are encumbered , in education, by the fact that we think of sex about every 7 seconds – well, not so often at my age.

Yes, women have truly become ‘of age’ and are in the ascendancy. This is leading to the exponential extinction of the human species – we won’t last a fraction of the time that the dinosaurs did.

Up until I was 18 years old, I had no experience of the opposite sex and thought that they were all Damsels in tall towers waiting to be rescued by we knights in shining armour.

A school trip to Russia, by coach, made up of 50% boys and 50% girls from local schools opened my eyes : I was seduced by a teacher (from West Bromwich) in a tent in Rumania and when I went on to university, I could not believe the amount of female flesh that was throwing itself at me. (I was a good-looking lad over six foot tall).
Away from their parents for the first time, all the women went straight down to the ‘Brooks’ clinic in Manchester and got on the Pill.

Why am I writing this. Well, I realised back in the 1970’s that – with the pill and unencumbered by the fear of pregnancy, women are just a voraciously sexual as men.

The old Adage – that ‘sex is the price that women pay for marriage and that marriage is the price that men pay for sex’ is rubbish and was a specious argument for the real explanation that women feared pregnancy before marriage.

Yes, I must get back to why am writing this observation at 4.00 am in the morning. Who writes all the sexual crap these days ?
– WOMEN !:
’50 shades of grey’ and this piece of garbage ‘Harlots’ that I’ve just given up on watching on T.V. – again it’s sexual lasciviousness written by two women, produced by women – all probably living out on a Lesbian Smallholding.

WE were all told that our British women were waiting at home pining for their husbands away fighting for Civilisation itself, during World War 2.
No they were not, those women were fucking the Yanks while their husbands were away !

Men get sent to prison for the same things that women do and get away with. The legal system and Society itself ought to wake up to the 21st Century and recognise that it’s not only men who commit sexual ‘crimes’.

Any man who behaved like Germaine Greer did, would be called a ‘sexual predator’.

It used to be said by 19th century philanthropists and the early Labour party that women were forced into prostitution by poverty. BOLLOCKS !

Look how many women ‘operate’ from home now, drive around in Mercedes Benz’s and STILL claim Unemployment Benefits.

Don’t talk to me of sexual exploitation only being something committed by men. Women have been exploiting men’s sex drive (which made Homo Sapiens
the success that it became) ever since Homo Sapiens evolved.

And these two women that have written this crap ‘Harlots’ are just the 21st century version of their prostitute forbears.

And as for Germaine – well, all the women in the first ships to be Transported to Australia were all going there BECAUSE they WERE Prostitutes.

Plus ca change.

Charites – with tax-free status

Charities-Shmarities – many, many of them begging for your money so that the Directors of the charities can pay themselves outrageously high salaries with YOUR MONEY.

Back in the 1960’s I was told that 90% of OXFAM donations went in “Administration”

Why should Private schools for the Rich have Charity Status ? Look at that Chakrabati Bitch (don’t care if I’ve spelt her name wrong) earning so much over the years from Civil Liberties that she’s been sending her kids to private schools with YOUR MONEY – AND now Corbyn has put her in the House of Wankers – sorry,’Lords’

Jeremy – you’ve lost my Vote: we want progress in this country, not sending over-paid cheating wankers to the House of Dossers where they sign in to collect their £300 per day and then rush back to the Taxi that’s been waiting for them whilst they ‘sign in’ – and they will even claim that taxi fare as an expense.
It is NOT wealth that ‘trickles down’. What does trickle down is CORRUPTION, and where a country has a monarchy-there will always be CORRUPTION.

Every charity in this country should be stripped of it’s tax-free status – at a stroke. Then, let them all re-apply for their tax-free status and make them pay for the scrutiny of their re-application.

Andrew Marr show

I used to like him, but when it came out that he, A Journalist, had used a super-injunction to gag the press over his cheating on his wife and getting another woman pregnant, I felt that he had lost all credibility.
His wife stayed with him, as did Wayne Rooney’s wife, which only goes to prove that women – who have always opened their legs when they want something, will stay with any man – however revolting he is – as long as he has got money e.g. Jerry Hall marrying Murdoch.
On the subject of Marr, wasn’t his history of the world absolutely awful: “I’m Andrew Marr and I can explain the history of the world in just a few thrown together episodes”.Arsehole
When are we going to be allowed to know how much these BBC people earn? They are are employed by US.

Having got that out of the way I’d like to get down to the main reason for me exercising my two 1st digits, this morning:

Marr had baroness varsi on to promote her new book this morning, and of course we get all this bollocks about her religion is really a peaceful religion, blah blah blah.

Put me on T.V. and I’ll bloody-well put the question to them – FOR A FRACTION OF THE MONEY WE PAY MARR !


Here’s a piece of false news TODAY peddled (probably innocently) by the BBC.

New cure for T.B. – so far so good, BUT the news article then goes on to say that T.B. has been rising in numbers of people affected in this country because of resistant strains and that it is especially common in Birmingham. NO SIR!

That OFFICIAL explanation may be partly true – a Little part, but nobody is allowed to tell the real reason for the increase in T.B. which is :

Having virtually wiped out T.B. in this country in the 1960’s, airport medical checks were done away with around 1970. As predicted in one of my earlier Blogs, T.B. has increased MAINLY by it being brought into this country by people from the Indian sub-continent.
And where is one of the largest invasions of such people –

Where is the African Money ?

I’ve been watching T.V. pictures of emaciated, starving and Dehydrated African children for 50 years – since I was a child.
During my lifetime Trillions of $’s have been poured into Africa: where has it all gone ?
I think that there must be several/many ex-African families (whose grandfathers or great grandfathers were African Dictators) living off bulging Swiss bank accounts.
Why can’t the U.N. ( that invariably seems to choose the most inept General Secretaries – e.g. Kofi Anan, who couldn’t organise a ‘piss-up in a brewery’)
Conduct a full scale investigation to find out where those $’s trillions have gone, and obtain planetary-wide authorisation to take back all that money from the families that have profited at the expense of the starving Africans whose fellow countrymen they used to be.

Can anyone name me a successful State in Africa ? the ANC have been in power since the early 1990’s and there are still south Africans who still do not have running water or toiletry facilities in their homes – whilst the Leaders of the ANC have lined their pockets and squabbled over how many ex-white-run Farms they can each accumulate.
I can’t comment on Zimbabwe because I couldn’t find the words to describe Mugabe’s totally corrupt regime which has turned a country that was the ‘Bread-basket ‘of Africa into just a plain Basket-Case.

Am I Becoming Anti-Semitic ?

I ask myself this question more and more at a time, coincidentally, when we are told that Anti-Semitism is on the rise again.

One of my Great Grandfathers was an orthodox Jew, but when his first wife died, he ‘kicked over the traces’ and married a communist/catholic young French girl 30 years his junior. I am a descendant of the second marriage, and since Jewishness has always passed through the female (for an obvious obstetric reason) I was brought up as C of E, although I am now probably best described as a Darwinian atheist.

I have been looking at the terrible concentration camp photos since I was 10 yrs old and My knowledge of WW2 could stand up to any TV professional historian in a quiz.
Austria (Hitler’s land of birth) was more anti-Semitic than Germany, in the first half of the last century – and I understand why : Jews, Muslims and other fanatical “religious” sects become unpopular, when in large numbers, because they will not integrate with the indigenous population of a country because they all believe themselves to be THE chosen people of god and so they inevitably ‘look down on’ the people of the country that has given them Hospitality.
Now, a lot of Jews ARE clever e.g. Einstein, and they get themselves into ‘The Professions’ and money-making institutions of Life. and they then in turn, help their fellow Jews into those same institutions, and the anti Jewish Nazis pointed out that Jews in Germany were abundant in the medical and Judicial professions way, way in excess to their overall percentage of Germany’s population.

As an historian, I am pleased that it was my country that gave the Jews their Homeland back. I am a supporter of Israel – but I can’t help feeling sorrow for the displaced Palestinians : afterall, – should we give England back to the Welsh, who are probably the original Celtic Britons ?

Any person that puts their religion before loyalty to their country cannot be a true Patriot. I’m not familiar with Jewish weekly Sabbaths – they could all dance naked round the dinner table for all I know – but I believe that they drink a Toast saying “Next year in Jerusalem”.
Well, as a member of the country that was most influential in giving the scattered Jewish people their own homeland back (the Balfour Declaration) I can’t help thinking – ‘well look, you’ve got your Israel back now, so why don’t you all go back their then?’ I could exist without Nigella Lawson’s endless cooking programmes.
(did you notice that she wasn’t prosecuted for COCAINE use – because she is part of a powerful Jewish network in this country)

I think what has concentrated my mind on the subject recently, is the Philip Greene shananingans and the fact that we in this country are now feeling the back-wash of Thatcher’s Disastrous Privatisation Scam. And who advised her to embark on that disastrous path – Nigel Lawson and Thatcher’s guru, Keith Joseph.Both men being Jews of course.
Edward 1st kicked them out; Oliver Cromwell let them back in again. But I’m beginning to wish that they would all voluntarily go back to their place of origin – Israel.

Air Polution

When cutting up cadavers 40 years ago, we were shown the difference between the Pink lungs of a country dweller and the black lungs of a city/town dweller. We were told that diesel ‘particulates’ were particularly bad and carcinogenic. My part-time job at a fuel station brought home to me the damage that diesel could do to your skin.
I was therefore puzzled by being told by our Government some yrs ago, that Diesel vehicles were much improved and were ‘The Future’ (Put not your trust in princes and governments).So far, you might think that I am in favour of cars that ‘cut out’ when stationary. Well, I hired a Merc. for a day and found it to be really irritating.

But apart from that, there is always another side to most arguments. Start-up, requires the 12volt battery to surge 50% thus putting strain on it. Also, start-up requires a large gulp of fuel – and therefore, a large output of Emission. ‘The truth is never Pure and Rarely Simple.’