T.V. Professors

When so many people are out of work or have never had a job at all but have spent all their adult life on Benefits, and we live in a culture of “To those who have shall be given more”, I’m moved to wonder about the likes of Professor Brian Cox whose inane grin seems to dominate our T.V. screens.
Presumably, “Smiler” is still drawing his University remuneration, so how come he finds the time to be constantly on our screens – whizzing around the world and going up in Jets on ‘freebies’ – AND fulfil his duties as a professor to not only conduct his own University Research but also to supervise his university Post-Graduates, as all professors are supposed to do to justify their university high salaries ?

Provoking Russia

I return to the subject of the “West’s” unjustifiable antagonism towards Russia.

I am not a communist by any means – and only 10 per cent of Russian’s are Party members, But I have been to Russia and I know the Russian people: they are not two-headed ogres, but among the friendliest people that I have ever met. A Russian friend is a friend for Life – and they will do anything for you.

I have written before about the common market morphing from a trading block into the E.U. which is a political organisation whose raison d’etre seems to be to encroach upon Russia’s borders to deliberately annoy and provoke Russia.

Only today,as I write this, NATO is wasting huge amounts of money by carrying out War Exercises on the Russian Border.

I would like to remind my readers that during WW2, at any one time, – Russia was holding down an average of 64 Nazi Divisions that could have been turned against Us.

Personally, I would be more worried about the aggressive expansion of China, rather than trying to tweak Russia’s nose all the time. Are we trying for Iraq mark 2 – i.e. regime change in Russia ?

This is written by a person who knows Russia: it is a beautiful country with extraordinarilly friendly people, and more westerners should go on holiday there to improve relations between the “West” and Russia. If you ever go there, then you will have a wonderful time.

Do not believe the anti-Russian propaganda that our countries in the “West” try to Brainwash us with to make us anti-Russian.


My circle of friends and I – who have intermittently discussed the Iraq situation over the last 13 years, were pleasantly surprised – and amazed at Chilcot’s detailed Honesty.
We are all used to government cover-ups as being the ‘Norm’.
Of course, because Chilcot was not a judicial enquiry, it cannot be obviously used to take legal action against Blair, Jack Straw or Allistair Campbell ( who started his journalistic life writing fictional Pornography for the magazine “Forum”.It’s a mark of Blair’s integrity that he should have employed such a person in the Heart of Government.)
But Chilcot was always going to be a ‘Heads we win, Tails you Lose’ : because I can assure that if a Judge had been in charge of the Enquiry then it WOULD have been a Whitewash – that’s what judges always due. They are taught on their first day at university to never admit anything. On qualifying they take an oath to always support the monarchy -and with it, the Establishment.

Chilcot (a retired civil servant) may not be enforceable, but we must all thank him for his unexpected Honesty.