Common Market ?

Surely, if the EU or ‘Common Market’ – which is what I voted for in 1975, were doing its job properly, it would be acting as a common market over our steel crisis.
Unless we want to be dependant on China for our steel in future?I certainly do not.
So, a true Common Market would tax Chinese steel out of the market as well as subsidising steel-making within the EU – either in one country which all members had equal access to or, better, subsidise the steel-making in the present EU country steel-making plants.
We let the Japs screw us in the 60’s and 70’s and – not learning our lesson from history – now we’ve let the Chinese screw us in the same way.
In the 60’s and 70’s a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky cost £40 to buy in Tokyo – because the japs hammered imports with taxes; they also rigged the car and bike markets so that you could buy a Jap car or bike at two thirds of the price OUTSIDE japan as it cost a Japanese person to buy one. That’s how they screwed us : they undermined our manufacturing until it went bankrupt and they, then held the Monopoly.
Even within the EU – you try buying a German company and they’ll block you in every way that they can.

In this country, starting with the ‘Blessed Margaret’ we’ve allowed the world and his wife to buy all our ‘Family Silver’ – whether it be energy; fishing (licences pinched by the Spanish) or even Marble Arch !
I’d sooner sell off Buckingham palace and save billions on extended royal security.
Who won the bloody War – Us, or the Germans and the Japs – and the Chinese ?