A Licence to Kill

This extremely Right Wing Government – whose members come from a class that never experiences the true side of the British police – is determined to bring in Legislation to further protect killer-police.

May I remind the Public that 1500 Innocent people have died in police custody in the past 15 years, and not one copper has been charged. Even a Wiltshire police sergeant convicted of brutality against a middle aged woman – with the brutality captured on police station video – had his conviction overturned by a judge and was re-instated.
Our police have proved themselves untrustworthy with Stun-Guns : give them a new toy and they will ‘Play’ with it.
They have been itching to all get their hands on guns so that they can shoot us with impunity (just as in America) for at least 30 years. Sooner, probably than later, they will all be carrying side-arms and none of us will be safe from them.
It is an irrefutable fact that magistrates and judges ALWAYS find in favour of ‘The Uniform’ and judges go out of their way, at the very rare trial of a copper, to Manipulate the jury into bringing in a not-guilty verdict.


Fracked up

So fracking is to take place even under areas of outstanding national beauty and Green-belts and, – since this will be a national Resource – there will be no financial benefit for the Landowners. This is how I understand it.
O.K. – so be it.
But, will the same apply to the 100,000’s acres owned by the monarch, the duchy of cornwall, the duchy of Lancaster and all the aristocracy ?