Charity Cheats

About 8 years ago, I took the ‘Elizabeth Finn’ charity to the Small Claims Court.
Their chairman turned up as their defendant.
He was a recently retired Colonel on a Fat Army Pension who had slipped easily from the army into this Plumb job, along ‘The Old Boys Network’.
IN addition to his Fat Army Pension, he was taking 120,000 pounds per year in salary from the charity.
His second in command was taking a salary of 80,000 pounds and his third in command a salary of 60,000 pounds.
Clearly,being on the Board of a Charity is hardly an act of ALTRUISM ! After The ‘Trustees’ have taken their whopping remunerations, there can be little left for the ‘needy’ people that the charity was set up to help !

I stated my case – but lost.The Colonel simply claimed ‘IMMUNITY’
The District Judge said that although he was in full sympathy with my ‘arguments’, Charities have a Special Status that renders them IMMUNE from most ordinary forms of prosecution!

So, they can be Muslim charities raising money for terrorist organisations or even charities run by ‘Organised Crime’.


Camila BATMANghelidjh

Apparently,”Some people CAN fool all of the people all of the Time”

“It’s CHARITY, Dave – just not as we know it”

“Holy Charity”, Robin – BATMAN has gone greedy and taken over the whole of downtown London.”

“Don’t worry, We’ll Just make her ‘Baroness Gotham’ and the whole thing will blow over.Load as much Whitewash as you can into the Batmobile – there’s no time to lose !”

Where is “Jewishness”

I am, myself, of Ashkenazi stock : my paternal Great grandfather’s name was Nathan Cohen.

Jewishness passes down through the female – NOT the male.

With the Diaspora circa 70 AD, my understanding is that it was the Jewish men who were driven out into mainly eastern europe, whilst the Jewish women were left behind to be raped by the Romans and/or inter-marry with Palestinians.

The wandering Jewish men were forced to marry non-jewish women and convert them.

If this is the case wasn’t True Judaism lost way back in 70 AD.

The answer would seem to lie in a massive program of DNA analysis.

The REAL Benefit-Cheats

. I’ve been a Republican ever since I was old enough to know the difference between Right and Wrong. My Grandfather disowned me when I refused to stand up for the national anthem at a Function, when I was a youngster.
For 80 years of the last century the monarch did not pay Income Tax, under a secret deal with the Treasury – without the knowledge of Parliament.
Going behind Parliament’s back is Treason: – that’s why we cut off Charles 1st.’s head in 1649.
The amount of Tax she cheated us of is/was enormous. Had you or I tax-fiddled just a fraction of what they did, then we would be sent to prison for so long that we would never come out.
But she has not even been asked to pay ANY of the money back. No wonder she has a personal fortune of at least £2 Billion. Most of her invested money is in depleted Uranium ordnance-producing companies.
Even now, we are not allowed to know how much land she owns and the Taxman is still not allowed to see her ‘books’. She suggests a figure to pay and the Treasury has to accept her figure without question.
Charles absolutely refuses to discuss the subject of him paying either Capital Gains or Companies’ Tax on his Duchy of Cornwall – which owns vast swathes of Lancashire, Devon and Cornwall, the Oval cricket ground, properties in London and Dartmoor Prison (built in 1810) and which cannot be closed because he derives in excess of £3.5 million per year in rent for it from the Ministry of Justice.
Cameron says he wants to close ‘Victorian’ prisons: what about a’Georgeian’prison built to house Napoleon’s POW’s and American prisoners of the 1812 2nd War of Independance !
What would happen to us if we refused to talk to the Taxman ?
Is this a 21st Century Democracy or a Feudal Despotism ? How can we be Citizens of Europe, when we are mere ‘Subjects’ in our own country ?
The royals have been known to interfere in the Courts on many occasions to save Family members: you will never see a member of the “Firm” (as they call themselves) in the Dock of a Crown Court.
Does anyone really think that members of the royal family never commit crimes ?
What about the huge fiddle that Andrew did on his huge marital mansion that we built and paid for: after he split with Fergie, he was allowed to buy it back from the Ministry of Defence – at a fraction of its true value – and sell it to an arab prince from Oman, at an enormous profit without him ever having to put any of his own money on the table.
He flies around the world pretending to do work for British foreign business and submits outrageous expenses claims.
Prince and Princess Michael of Kent lived in a five-bedroom mansion flat in central London for 35 years paying US just £7.50 per month for it.
They have never been asked to repay the Rent that they defrauded us of.
It is NOT ‘Wealth’ that trickles down – that is a politician’s lie. But what DOES trickle down Is Corruption, and where there is a monarchy there is always Corruption.
Jaun Carlos of Spain was forced to quietly step down last year because his family is involved in a massive Fraud. But that would never happen here, because these days, the monarchy has this country more ‘locked-down’ with intrusive surveillance than it ever was when about 10 Norman families with about 2,500 forced mercenaries managed to Terrorize about 3 million Anglo-Saxons with vicious, Nazi-like Violence in the years following 1066 – whilst the bones of the slaughtered and TOTALLY eliminated English leaders were left out in the open on the fields of Hastings, unburied for decades.
What we need is to clear-out the Stables from the very top downwards. When I was young I would never have believed it possible that we would still have a monarchy at my present age.Why are we such a SERVILE people ?
“RULE BRITANNIA -Britons never,never,never shall be slaves” ? – that’s a Joke ! We are ALL slaves of one family.
I have sadly come to the conclusion that the only way that we can take our country back from William the Conqueror’s descendants, the shit that we have allowed in from the old ‘commonwealth’ and now all the criminal Dregs from eastern Europe is Revolution !
The reason we still have to have “The Commonwealth” and pay £millions every year to them to keep the crooked bastards in it with us, is because the queen was hugely disappointed that she was not able to inherit the Title of “Empress” from her father. But with The Commonwealth, she can play the ‘little empress’ when they all gather to pay homage to her and hold out their hands for money from US – The British Taxpayer.
The royals will never go unless we kick them out, and we have no chance of doing that while all the military forces, police and Judiciary AND M.P.s all have to take a personal oath of loyalty to the monarch – just as Hitler made everyone Do !
Cameron has decreed that the queen now owns ALL our shore-line and so she now receives £40 million per year in ‘royalties’ from all forms of Energy – oil ,gas, wind and wave-power that cross her royal threshold. And that figure will escalate with Time. Disgraceful !
AND – The Bedroom Tax: the queen is the beneficiary OF THE BIGGEST BENEFIT of anyone –‘ The Civil List’ She has 750 rooms in ‘Buck Hice’ alone ! Not to mention her many other private and state-paid-for Palaces. Why isn’t she charged The Bedroom Tax ?
They like to tell us that the royals only cost us about 50p per person per year. Rubbish. The Americans have a saying – “Don’t piss down my back and tell me that it’s raining !”
That figure of 50p DOES NOT include the cost of security on all their extended family – an enormous figure which we, The Public, are not allowed to know.
Revolution doesn’t have to be bloody. But history shows us that the longer the tyrants hang on to their inherited, non-meritocratic Privileges – the bloodier change is.

The Answer to Everything

Want to solve the National Debt overnight ?
Abolish the concept of “Freehold”. Oh yes, – howls of anguish from the Duke of Westminster, the Queen and Aristocracy and the greedy post-Thatcherite Generation. But all Land SHOULD belong to the STATE – which is the People of our country in general – one and all : ‘all for one and one for all.’ (Incidently, did you know that Alexander Dumas was not a white man, – but a Fench ‘mulatto’. Yes, really).

But I digress. All property should be Leasehold with the lease rental paid to the Government coffers.There should be a limit on how much of this small and now very over-populated land, that any one individual or family is allowed to lease – and they could be given ‘first refusal’ when the Lease came up for re-newal.

Freehiold is a mainly Norman Conquest conception that the whole of England now belonged to William the Conqueror and that he would satisfy the mercenaries that had fought for him, by giving them huge swathes of ‘Old England’ (that he and his descendants could always take back under a Dictatorial ‘Act of Attainder’.

So my idea sounds Revolutionary ? Well, – why not? We need to think outside the box that we were all indoctrinated into from the cradle. Is it such a bad idea ? Is it not fair and equitable ?

‘Never in the Field of Human Greed, has so much Land been owned by so Few’.

One Law for US and Another for THEM

Theiving, Fraudulent Barrister Peter Barnett dodges train fares every work-day in LONDON for AT LEAST 2 years and get’s only a SUSPENDED sentence of 16 months ! How many £000,000 had he theived ?
You or I would have got a mandatory custodial sentence based on the amount stolen. But these lawyers sure look after eachother, don’t they !

Crooked Judges

If doctors and surgeons have to publish their ability records – then why not Judges ?

One county court judge in Gloucester – ‘SINGLETON’ – hates people who fall behind on their mortgage payments and has a terrible record for taking peoples’ houses off them and kicking them out on to the streets.
Should his ‘Record’ not be open to Public scrutiny ?
Judge ‘Jeffries’ Singleton has no mercy : he’s probably one of the 70% plus of all judges who were Privately educated and look down on the rest of us as just ‘existing’ so that they (who were ‘Born to Rule’) as Judges, can sadistically rule over us.

25 years ago I heard that the drug of choice amongst youg Barristers was Cocaine. Those Barristers will now be Judges.
Like Sportspeople, Shouldn’t Judges be subject to Random Drug checks ? Is it Right, that a judge who may well be taking illegal drugs, is Himself passing sentence on others convicted of drugs offences ?

‘Prohibition’ didn’t work in the USA in the 1920/30’s.
Isn’t there a lesson there ? People will always do what they want to – despite any ephemeral so-called ‘Laws’.Cigarette and cigar smoking and alcohol are far more damaging to the human body than Cannabis is – and the upper classes who can buy their ‘Justice’ just use drugs as a way of life.

It’s been said many times, but if you outlaw something then the law of ‘Supply and Demand’ (Basic Economics) says that the product’s price will automatically shoot up. De-classify all drugs and the whole criminal side of the industry – murder, extortion, Drug-Barons AND PRICE – will simply fall away overnight.
It seems that many of our politicians (Cameron) Judiciary and aristocracy (the queen’s sister was an LSD aficionado) are on drugs anyway : many leaders have been…the Caesers smoked opium; Hitler was an Heroin addict and Georing was on Morphine, Clinton (and maybe Bush) smoked Cannabis

Is it that our ‘Leaders’ – who can afford the luxury of expensive recreational drugs – just don’t want them to be available to the rest of us ? “Who will Guard the Guardians?”.