Slave Compensation

Some of the Ancestors,somewhere along the line, of most – if not ALL of us were slaves at one time or another.
IF compensation is to be paid to Caribbean slaves (and there were white slaves also – certainly both Cromwell and Judge Jeffries sent many captured royalist and Monmouth Rebellion prisoners there) then IF payment is to be made, then it should be paid NOT BY THE BRITISH TAXPAYER, but by the decsendants of the familes (which are all still documented) that received compensation from our Government back at the beginning of the 19th Century. i.e. our Government – which is OUR money – should not have to pay twice. No, – let the decsendants of slave-owners such as both Cameron AND his wife pay the bill !

Bogus Charities

Most Charities are probably crooked – exploiting the massive charity tax-fiddle.They are exempt from normal prosecution and certainly many of them are not run by altruistic people.

Take the Eliabeth Finn charity ; run by an ex colonel who left the army with a bloody good Pension and then slips easily (I wonder how) into a charity from which he draws a salary in excess of £120,000 per year plus the old ‘Expenses’ Fiddle.

And Private Schools for hooray Henrys like Cameron, Boris and George Osborne (who will inherit a Baronetcy from his father) – THEY are chatities too. Unbelievable !

Before any one gives money to these charity tear-jerking ads on the Tele, they should ask the question : “How much of my generosity will go on ‘Internal Administration'” i.e. the trustees whopping salaries.

I suspect that more charity Chicanery will come under the spotlight when we get the Report into “Kids Company” – or will it be the usual whitewash cover-up that is the norm when our government sets up official Reports into anything ?

Incidently, Baronetcies were a money-making Ruse invented by James 1st : you could buy one for £600.

Greedy, Over-paid Doctors

Even Doctors themselves were Flabergasted whe the Labour Government gave tham an obscenely massive pay-rise that had not even been asked for.Also Labour told them that they would not have to personally provide an emergency out-of-hours Service anymore.

The present new generation in particular – products of the Thatcher Greed ethos – obviously put money, money, money before their Duty to their patients. What ever happened to “The Vocation”

All student Doctors and Dentists should sign a commitment contract on starting their course : to only work exclusively for the N.H.S. for the first 10 years before being allowed to take on Private patients.

Also any qualified doctor or dentist who gives up their career (Like Jonathon Miller, Harry Hill and Michael Mosely) should be made to pay back the full cost of their training – because, with clinical training, students of those two Professions cost the country £100,000s to train.
Payback should also apply to them leaving the country to practice abroad within those first 10 years.
Of course, the BMA is the strongest trades Union in the country and never shies away from holding Governments ‘To Ransom’ from time to time with the threat of strikes.

P.S.1/10/2015 Watching that “poor” overworked female Dr. on BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’ I would suggest to her that she chose the wrong job – because she certainly does NOT have the Vocation.

Neil Kinnock – The Hypocrite

Neil Kinnock really ‘gets up my nose’!
We had the first nuclear power station in the world.People like Kinnock,’Tony’Benn and Michael Foot destroyed our Nuclear plans – limitless clean energy, and Australia offering to bury the de-commissioned waste.

The French Grid is 80% nuclear – and now WE have to buy electricity off THEM as well as them owning half our Utilities!
But through Kinnock and his chums we have lost the know-how and are now forced to get a French woman to build our next nuclear power station (if it ever gets off the ground).

The young firery-headed Kinnock was against joining the ‘Common Market’, but now he, his wife and his family have their noses deep in the lucrative ‘Eurotrough’. What a bloody Hypocrite.
Now his son, gets a plum life-long safe Labour seat in Wales.The Kinnocks are truly part of the “Establishment” now.

Kinnock likes to boast that he was the first one of his family to go to University and yet, paradoxically, it was he and Shirley Williams and cronies who destroyed the very system that got them into University – THE GRAMMAR SCHOOLS.

Putting aside his attempts to swim fully clothed with his wife on the beach and the unforgetable rally in Sheffield – “Well alright!, Well Alright !, Well Alright !” We are’are we not’ so lucky that such a Jerk never became Prime Minister.
Callaghan and Major may be amongst the most ‘Intellectually Challenged’ First Lords of The Treasury that we’ve ever had, but can you imagine that loose-cannon, turncoat, Hypocrite in No.10 ? God, weren’t we lucky.
The Cold War was a picnic compared with that potential Disaster.

Knives in school

Many years ago I wrote to the then Education Minister, Jill Shepherd and suggested cameras in every classroom : the footage need never be viewed unless there was an incident. Cameras would serve as a protection to both staff and student in the case of accusations.
M/s. Shepherd wrote back to say that that sort of thing was not needed in BRITISH schools.

Motorway Madness

Some years ago I wrote to the then Minister of Transport and asked “if California can have double-decker motorways sitting on the San Andreas Fault, then why can’t we have them in these earth-quake-free islands: the killer Juggernaughts could then drive underneath while the vulnerable cars with mere flesh and blood in them could travel on the top.
I never got a reply.


Throughout written history, France has always had 5 times the population of England : well just compare the relative sizes of the two countries.

Now we – in ths small island – have the SAME population as France ! (and that’s only counting the ones we know about).
Has it ever ocurred to British politicioas, that something has gone wrong somewhere ?
We’ve concreted over flood-plains to build estates of ‘Lego’ dolls houses with all the car-parks; schools;roads; supermarkets and general infrastructure necessary to go with them – and now we are told that we need to build 250,000 new houses per year.Is the idea to ‘Block-Pavior’ the whole bloody island !?

And who are these new houses for – immigrants, post-menapausal woman who have divorced their husbands now that “the kids” have gone and single mothers with children by multiple fathers.

WE DO NOT NEED A SINGLE NEW HOUSE BUILT ON THIS SMALL ISLAND ! We could really do with all those railway side branch lines that Beeching closed and that have now been concreted over: because of the amount of juggernauts travelling next to flesh and blood on our roadways.
But IF we do have to build any new houses, let them be on ‘brown-field’ sites OR let’s break up the huge tracts of acreage that have been sat on by the monarchy and aristocracy for far too long.
Why not turn the 750 rooms in Buckingham Palace into granny flats for the elderly.

The Queen is the biggest receiver of Benefits in the form of the Civil List, but she doesn’t pay the Bedroom Tax on all those empty bedrooms in her multiple palaces.

Solution to all the middle east problems and the present INVASION of Europe

The present refugee situation is NOT an EU one but it is an U.N. one : these people come from OUTSIDE Europe.
Surely, – ‘Shengen’ only applies to the movement of Indiginous European citizens within the ‘Shengen’ area.How can it apply to people from outside that area ? How many Terrorists are slipping through amongst the ‘Hordes’ ?
The Rules are clear : you claim Asylum in the first SAFE country you land in.Of course Italy and Greece are being overwhelmed.But IT IS A U.N. Problem – and all Banki-Wanki can say is to critize Hungary, which is the only Country that is enforcing the Asylum Rule properly.
Solution :
The UN sends in a huge multi-national (INCLUDING ISLAMIC TROOPS) task force into Libya to smash the gangs AND ISIS (who are trying to get a foothold there) and then to set up a Provisional Government – with Democratic elections to be held as soon as is reasonably possible.

Libya is Huge; Potentially very wealthy and sparsely populated. So, build a huge new modern city in Libya to take all the Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese,Palestinian;Gazans; etc. – who all speak Arabic – so that they all become Libyan citizens.
Solves the present crisis and all the problems in the middle east. I’m sure that it would settle the protracted Israeli/Palestinian Problem.