The EU

Either Heath lied to us or did not himself understand the avaricious land – expansionism of the “E.U.” wich has continually encroached into areas that are not within the sphere of interest of Britain.The EU has systemaically picked ‘off’ the old Soviet Union Warsaw Pact Satellite countries and has and is causing apprehension in Modern-Day Russia.

Russia has never in her History attacked east into Europe – unlike Islam ! But the EU provocatively, is continually twisting the Bear’s nose, – not just by making old soviet satellite countries, join the EU and NATO. But the EU is now following a deliberate policy of trying to dismember Mother Russia herself. Kaliningrad is completely isolated from the Motherland
Just for once, – we should put ourselves in Russia’s place : Ukraine, including the Crimea, has been part of Russia since the 17th century, How would we like it if Cornwall signed a Treaty with Russia !?

I visited Russia in 1971 with my school and I have never met a more friendly people who are willing to ‘put themselves out’ to be especially welcoming and helpful to foreign visitors.

Now that the Soviet Block is no more, I think that 28 EU members is a ridiculously too high membership.

The EU should be cut back to 8 or 10 of the western european members, and a third Block of central and eastern countries of Europe, including the Balkans, should be created to accommodate a fourth Common Market Trading Block.This new block would be declared to be Absolutely Neutral and not be allowed to be members of NATO/OTAN.
With no need for spending on Defence, these poorer countries could use all their money to rebuild their economies.

SOLUTION : Hold a plebicte – internationally monitored – in the eastern third of the Ukraine – not to include the Crimea as she is already back where she belongs, as part of Russia

Cameron has fallen into the old priministerial trap of – now that he’s had his feet ‘under the Table for one Parliament, he now fancies himself striding the international Stage as a Warlord. Then, like Blair, he can resign from Parliament to write his memoires all about the 100,000’s of foreigners he’s murdered in order to get himself into the history Books.