Reyhaneh Jabbari execution

On the face of it, the hanging of this 26 year old Iranian woman seems appalling and no one is more anti capital punishment than I – it demeans a country’s reputation. Also I love the Yanks – for all their faults – they have been our best friends in the last one hundred years.Thank god for the American War of Independance. But it little behoves America to castigate Iran over this sad business, with America’s shocking record on judicial execution. Neither does it behove this country to make protest, when I personally have been beaten up inside a british police station in order to try and extract a confession out of me.Britain’s record for deaths in police custody is truly shocking : some 1500 in the last 12 years and not a single police officer convicted.Our police are above the Law and do what they like in the sure knowledge that they will always be supported by an internal self-investigation by a compliant Inspector who knows that he, in turn can rely on a supporting Whitewash by a Corrupt and internationally discredited (since Ian Tomlinson’s murder) IPCC that employs over 30% of ex-police.


Undercover police officers who had sex with women members of the groups that they had infiltrated should be charged with RAPE: the officers obtained sex under false pretences. i.e. consent from the woman might very well not been given if she new that he was an undercover police officer.


£55 per head ! – for doing what they ought to be doing anyway.Thanks to the last Labour Govt. Dr.s are already grossly over-paid.They don’t work saturdays anymore, they don’t do ‘Out of Hours’ anymore. What happened to Medicine being a VOCATION ? It’s snouts in the Trough again.

The “Nordic Model”

Here we go again – criminalising men, making sex and men synonymous with crime.WHY NOT MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO CHARGE FOR SEX AS WELL ! There are thousands of prostitutes who also draw Benefits, driving around in Mercedes cars.Indeed there are so many wealthy self-employed pro’s that the police and the Tax-Man and the Benefit Fraud teams don’t even want to think about it.The old idea that women were forced into prostitution by poverty is proved as being Rubbish.Benefits and the Pill have for years proved that theory to be a falsehood and a complete ignorance of the female voracity for promiscuous sex. PROSTITUTION, today, IS A Career CHOICE – NOT A NECESSITY !

Paedophiles (men AND women)

So, we’re told that there are at least 50,000 of them in this country.As the third worst jailers of people in the world, I can – without risk of contradictaion – state that the majority of the 80,000 plus prisoners in this country are inside for matters far less serious than paedophilia – which must be the most damaging of all crimes. And yet not all the 50,000 will be prosecuted ? Why not ?
Well, obviously, the prisons are bulging already and at near mass-riot level, but also, I would bet that there are quite a few Prominent Names on that list of 50,000. Judges ?, lawyers ?
aristos ?, royals ? !!!

Alan Henning

Would Cameron have gone ahead with our Jet strikes if Alan Henning had been his father, his brother or His son ? And, talking of “His son”, – I’m sick and tired of Cameron using his dead Disabled son as a weapon to silence people who are putting forward a good argument that he, himself, wants to avoid giving an answer to at ‘Question Time’ in the House !