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Would you want to belong to a “religion” founded by Al Capone ? Because that is how I can best express islam – it’s not a religion or a credo, but a wicked way of life.
Christianity (and I lost my faith years ago) spread very slowly, because up until jesus of Nazareth, nobody had experienced anything but a short brutal life : and here was a religion saying ‘Love thine enemy’ and ‘turn the other cheek’

Islam spread quickly because they held a knife to your throat and said ‘Convert or we will cut your throat, Rape your wife and daughters and then slaughter your whole family – oh, and by the way, we need to cut off your foreskin with a rusty blade’
That’s a pretty compelling way of ‘conversion’ isn’t it.

In Britain we are not taught, at school, how our catholic brothers in Europe saved us all from the brutality of Islam. Those who live in freedom today should learn, at school, about – and we should all Commemorate – the ‘Battle of LEPANTO and the two sieges of Vienna, and El Cid and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, who saved the ‘West’ from the murdering muslims.

Maybe Donald Trump is not completely ‘off his trolley’.


Just look at the difference in size between France and These small islands : in the 15th century France had a population that was 5 X that of England.
Today both countries have the same population – about 66 million – and you can bet that our figure is nearer 70 million with so-called “illegals”.
It’s shear madness. Thanks again, Tony Bliar – as well as for the terrorism you brought to this country,
Why has this man (along with Bush) not been indicted by the International Court in the Hague – as mass murderers who waged an illegal war (not sanctioned by the United nations ) and based on the WMD lie told to Parliament by Blair and that ex-pornographer, Alistair Campbell who ‘sexed-up’ the lying Document.
Again, Blair and Campbell are too rich and influential to face Justice.
if these three men are not indicted, then it follows that the Nazi leaders were imprisoned and executed illegally – because they actually broke no existing laws.

Scottish Indepependance

Do I care ? No, – let them go if they want to .But I think it will be very sad :

at Culloden moor in April 1746, a young british officer called Woolfe couldn’t help but admire the courage, Elan the hooping and hollering AND the sheer momentum of the highland charge.
He thought a ‘Brown Bess’ with it’s long bayonet, in the hands of such men would scare the hell out of any enemy on the receiving end.

So by the time he was a General, that’s how he had trained his troops – endless screaming practice bayonet charges.And that is how, in large part how he kicked the French out of Canada on the plains in front of Montreal, having had his army scale the Heights of Abraham. Woolfe died, of course, – like Nelson – at the scene of his greatest triumph.But Woolfe’s legacy was the British Army bayonet charge

There has always been a large proportion of Scots in the british Army since 1707 at least :for over 250 years the bayonet charge made the british Army the best in the world and forged the greatest Empire ever seen – and the Scots played no small part in that.We have fought together;Bled together; died together and triumphed together on the battlefields of death all over the world.
Surely the sum of the two parts has always been greater than the individual countries alone.It’s been one of the most successful partnerships in history and I think that it would be very sad to forget all that mingled blood and comradeship.

As Wellinton said of the French at Waterloo – “They came on in the same old way-and we saw them off in the same old way” – and he was referring to the British Bayonet Charge