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Anne Secoolas

On serious charges, it is automatic for the police to demand that

anybody surrender their Passport.

And how far does Diplomatic Immunity extend to, apart from the American intelligence agent spy, himself – his wife, children, and uncle Tom Cobley an’ all ?

The Blessed Theresa, who had a disasterous premiership, never failed to remind us, that she was the Home Secretary for 6 years. Well, she was useless at that also: she alienated our best friends, by refusing to extradite a young man who had hacked into the Pentagon. The BLOODY Pentagon – how much more serious can that be. Reason – she accepted some weak medical advice submitted by the man that he had one of those new fashionable conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder – which in my schooldays was cured by a clip round the back of your head, by the Teacher.

But he was capable of hacking into the Pentagon, though, wasn’t he – pretty smart guy, I should say.

Is it surprising therefore that the Americans won’t help us in this Secoolas case (I’m not bothered if I’ve not spelt her odd name properly) ?

I’ve said the answer before : let’s swop that parasite prinny Andrew, for Secoolas and get back on good terms with our best friends.


So, once again the royal family of scrounging parasites trotted out to delight all we lowly subjects and their sycophants worldwide : there’s Charlie now, instead of his dad ( lying low since he caused GBH to a female passenger in a car he smashed into – and of course, grumpy Edinburgh couldn’t be charged because you can’t get into the royal enclosure at Ascot if you have a criminal record ); no sign of the paedo-prince who can’t manage on his £300,000 per year (from the ‘Civil List’); the Cambridges are having yet another holiday at our expense, in Parkistan (clocking up the CO2 emissions again); Charlie’s medals seem to replicate as the years go by – how did he gain all those medals and gold braid ? What a job his valet(s) must have selecting the correct uniform for the occasion out of a wardrobe full of about 200; and of course there was the mounted lifeguards and the massive security costs born by the taxpayers.

Some people might think that the queen ought to set an example by travelling to open Parliament in an electric car – instead of all that horse-shit and equine farting adding to the CO2 levels.

Still, I guess there’s a lot of ‘horse-shit’ in British Society.

Amazing !

Isn’t it Amazing how often the word ‘Amazing’ is used nowadays.

I suppose it is due to an amazingly, increasingly illiterate latest generation whose vocabulary has been ‘dumbed-down’ by the Amazing Internet.

Nice one, Sir Tim ! You enjoy your £50 million, while 10’s of 1000’s of others have been bankrupted and lost their Homes by your fucking invention.

Is Germany Responsible for Brexit ?

If the U.K. had the Euro Currency, I presume that it would make Brexit more complicated – and I’m sure that would have made a difference to the Referendum result.

For those of us who are old enough to remember the “ERM” (which all the “Common Market” countries belonged to as a self-regulating, equilibrium mechanism to stabilise all the countries’ currencies prior to the Launch of the Euro) you will remember that it was supposed to work by the strongest currency {always the Deutschmark} supporting the weakest when the latter came under pressure.

When George Sorus decided to ruin the British economy (another Jew who we had given sanctuary to during the war) by selling the £ short, forcing British Interest rates up to 17% – Germany was Honour-Obligated to support the £. BUT GERMANY REFUSED TO HELP US as she was supposed to under the terms and agreement of the ERM.

So we lost £50 Billion to George Sorus in one day and we were forced out of the ERM. That’s why we never adopted the Euro currency.

So, my point is this : had Germany lived up to her obligations to help us, in September 1992 then there would never have been BREXIT. Germany has no ‘Honour’ and is a bad, bullying member of the E.U. just like she bullied the world in two world wars.

You try buying a German company – the German government puts every Block possible in your way !

“Deutschland Uber Alles” !!

Incidentally, the Germans even stole their National Anthem : originally called “Austria”, it was eponymously written by Joseph Hayden for his Homeland [though today, he would be a Croatian].

Gentleman Jack

I’m watching the series – haven’t made up my mind yet, but being an historian, I love a historical, fact-based show.

BUT, I can’t help commenting, that in these anti-male, Feminazi days of Feminazi psychologists (psychology seeks to put everyone into a pre-distorted, labelled box e.g ‘manipulative’ – and is unfortunately, used in our prisons today, by Feminazi probation officers in order to give male inmates negative reports AND is not to be confused with the proper medical profession of Psychiatry where psychiatrists are properly qualified doctors) I can’t help commenting that if a man was behaving like Anne Lister (Gentleman Jack) did/does then he would be labelled as a sexual predator – as Germaine Greer was.