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Who says that the royals have no Power ?

prince Philip driving his Range Rover, causes a road accident in which a woman in the other car suffers a broken wrist (broken wrists and ankles – very difficult to ever get full movement back again).

The arrogance of the man is breath-taking: within a few hours, he as been supplied with a brand new Range Rover (who else could manage that ?) and is caught driving without a safety belt.

Any, ordinary driver would have been charged with Reckless driving leading to Grievous Bodily Harm. Even that would result in a prison sentence.

Most judges/magistrates would ‘throw the book at’ any ordinary person – we send people aged over 100 yrs to prison.



Warrant to Search your Home

Just watching David Tennant in a film called “Bad Samaritan” – not my sort of film really, but David Tennant’s character is murdering people outside his shack, but the American police and FBI cannot enter onto his private land ( ‘Tennant’s ) BECAUSE THEY NEED A SEARCH WARRANT !

I continually tell people that ‘an Englishman’s Home IS NOT his castle, because the police in Britain DO NOT HAVE TO APPLY TO A MAGISTRATE for a Warrant – like they have to do in the USA. In this country, the police can do as they like e.g. there was one case where British police held a party in a person’s house that they were ransacking, because the owner was in police custody: some idiot copper took photos of himself and his police accomplices revelling and the stupid idiot left the photos on his camera – that’s how ‘the party’ came to light.

I can’t do it on my own: I was a 58 year old Disabled man on crutches when the Cheltenham police beat me up at the station, while back at my home they stole my grandfather’s WW1 medals and my dead father’s watch.

You all out there should ‘organize’ and make it LAW that before they can break down YOUR front door, or arrest you on your doorstep, the police should have a magistrate’s warrant in their hand for the victim to read of the police authority for the action.

Incidentally, the police dropped the ‘Section 5’ charge they slapped on me, because my wife took photos of my injuries over 3 or 4 days until all the bruising had ‘come out’ all over my body, and when I produced the pictures at the magistrates hearing, the case was thrown out.

When I tried to sue the Bastards in the Small Claims Court – district judge ‘Singleton’ threw my case out without even an Hearing and then conspired with High court judge Deheny to slap a 2 year ban on me, stopping me taking out any court actions.

BUT, the main reason for my Rant is to warn you all of the powers that our police have: if you think they need a warrant, it’s because you’ve been watching too many American crime shows – (which many people are addicted to )

Alesha Macphail

Apalling. But I remember how Testosterone troubled me in my teens.

The Law is the Law – and since the dreadful premiership of Blair – who ran his government on weekly polls – we have seen British Law go down the very bad American Puritan, slippery slope – that Blair and the evil Blunkett venerated.Frightened Judges now also prostitute their Calling to Public opinion.

The Courts are open, and there is no reason to show pictures of or name and picture, underage convicted persons on television. It’s a reversion to Medieval and ‘Skimmington’ times.

I can imagine my feelings, if one of my daughters had suffered what that poor 6 year old suffered. But the world goes on: how can her 16 year old murderer ever be rehabilitated.

Judge Lord Matthews is a ‘worm’ – more frightened of and interested in satisfying the baying mob, than upholding the Dignity of the Law.

Matthews is a disgrace to his high calling.

Caster Semenya

So, – she’s got high NATURAL testosterone levels.

Should we have shortened Usane Bolt’s legs because he had an in-built advantage ?

Should we ban Serenea Williams because she’s built like a brick shit-house?

Should we make Petra Kvitov√° play right-handed because she’s got an almost unplayable lefty-swing serve ?

All sport is discriminatory against proper women with a good bust, anyway. It’s only titless wonders who can be female sports players.

To artificially interfere with Caster’s natural hormone levels would be to do what the East German and other warsaw pact countries used to do on a State-sanctioned basis.

So, she’s got high testosterone levels and a big clitoris – good for her !

Marie Colvin

I thought at the time she was killed, that she was the author of her own death : being elderly, I can’t come to terms with women war reporters anyway, but hadn’t she learned her lesson by already losing an eye ?
So,the Syrian army targeted her by intercepting her transmission frequency – it was a war zone !

During the first weeks of heavy fighting in Normandy, following ‘D’ day – Bletchley Park intercepted a message which enabled the RAF to take out the Divisional command headquarters of a very dangerous SS Panzer tank division – decapitating the command and control of the whole division along with it’s senior officers.


P.S. during the ‘Battle of Britain’, Dowding ordered his pilots to shoot down White Junkers 52 air ambulances over the Channel, with prominent Red Crosses on them AND he ordered his pilots to machine-gun German pilots parachuting down over the channel.
War is War.